Hoch Hegen is a name synonymous with elegance glamour and luxury. Established in 2010, under the banner of four designers, Asad Javed ,Umair Shami, Nadra Shah, Rafia Khan , Hassan ch and Aniqa Javed. Hoch Hegen is more than a label it’s a life style. The diverse range of creations at Hoch Collection includes bridal wear, formal and semi-formal ranges for ladies of all ages. Exclusive designs are available for special occasions and made according to the individual’s requirements.

The work with a variety of fabrics and what truly sets Hoch Hegen apart is the innovative way the designers combine two or more textures in a single creation. Their collections consist of a variety of fabrics and textures including jamawar, chiffon, texture chiffon, silks in fascinating combinations to create unique and distinctive ensembles that work together to form signature Hoch pieces.

Hoch collections satisfy the demands of today’s modern lifestyle yet remain infused with traditional roots. Each collection is contemporary and chic, yet timeless in its appeal.

Aniqa Javed
CEO / Founder

Asad Javed
Marketing Director

Umair Shami
Public Relations

Rafia Khan
Customer Support